Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Little Visitor

We found a new little friend at our feeder this morning...what a delight! We watched him as we ate our morning breakfast of cinnamon muffins and coffee and juice...mmmm.


  1. Oh..what a welcome site that is! Wow! Thanks for sharing! How did you like the cinnamon muffins! We really like those! Edward made the coconut blueberry muffins this morning. Our first time having them and everyone loved them!

  2. It isn't the best picture but he was beautiful and the first one ever at our feeder! Of course he is one of my favorites because of his brilliant red ...the muffins were good . The kids weren't overly fond of them but smeared peanut butter on them...I couldn't believe all the eggs and cinnin in a double batch!

  3. Cardinals were always my favorite visitors. We had a family of them who lived near our home and we would keep track each year when the chicks started coming to the feeders with their parents. It was fun to make guesses beforehand about whether they'd be boys or girls.