Monday, February 18, 2013

Afternoon Tea

The girls in out family were suppose to join the women in our church for a Ladies Tea this afternoon. I say we're because we ended up staying home because Darrell was sick through out the night.

We had prepared for our shared meal and tea last night so decided to have a family tea this afternoon with everyone! We set the table, got out the tea cups, made scones...yum! We also had dip and pretzel crackers, chocolate cake and truffles. It was super sweet and fun. Everyone got dressed up and were excited to come together where we shared some different 'tea' memories. It was lots of fun...and the good news? Darrell is feeling better!


  1. Good times. I'm so glad Darrell is feeling better. :)

  2. Can't tell you how encouraging your comments were tonight as we sit to recover from our 2nd bout of lice this month....cleaned house, 5 boy hair cuts later only to find It in one of the girls....and in tender of it all one started piling in their bed ....oh what a fun night!!!